Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sun-Moons-Stars update

I finished the necklace and started on the bracelet! It's hard to get good pics at night, but I was so excited about finishing the necklace, I had to post them right away. I decided to knot before and after the large coin beads for a little more security. I wasn't able to use a needle for this project as the holes in the 2mm silver beads were too small for one to go through! But the Fireline was stiff enough to go through them twice without too much trouble.

Here's a closeup:

The necklace taken with a flash:

Without a flash:

Does anyone know if it's OK to put a dab of clear fingernail polish on the knots in the Fireline? I hope so... I usually do that when I use Nymo for a bit more security.

I started the bracelet with the leftover thread from the necklace (better too long than too short!) about 12" pieces and knotted the coin bead in the middle with two teensy silver ones on each side. I'm adding a 4mm green iris, a 8mm clear, a 4mm green iris, and another 2mm silver bead, then knotting, one unit on each side, probably will have a total of three sections with the 8mm on each side, then will fill out with the 4mm and 2mm alternating until I get my length.

I kind of design on the fly like this... it seems to work best for me. How about you? Some people do better with patterns and instructions, but I'm not so good at following directions! LOL :)

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  1. hi glad you blogged! I loved the purple necklace and the watch from your previous post!!! keep on bloggin girl !!!!!
    Melissa Gilham