Friday, March 27, 2009

My First Award!
from Ann Marie at Heart's Desire Jewelry
Be sure to check out her entry about pinks for spring! I love pink...
And now to pass it along:
wonderful collages and she gives away great freebies!
lovely creations, most featuring hearts, with instructions!
lots of eye candy, love her style!
OK girls, now it's your turn, go and nominate someone fabu! :)
Fresh Kiwi Jade Set Finished!Necklace & Earrings

Fresh Kiwi Set

I finally finished the Fresh Kiwi Set for my daughter, I was about 2 weeks late for her birthday, but she thinks it was worth waiting for. I think the addition of the kiwi jade rounds to the necklace helped balance the design. And I decided to add the butterflies to complement the clasp - plus my daughter LOVES butterflies. I had a lot of fun doing this... now I need to start something new!
The watch is still on hold, can't find those beads, I may have to take it apart and remake it... :(
What is everyone else working on?

Monday, March 2, 2009

YIKES where have I been?

I can't believe I've not blogged in almost a month! Here's the dish: I got a new job and promptly became ill, so all I've done is work, sleep, work, sleep, etc. You've got the idea! And I haven't finished my daughter's set and her birthday is in 3 days! Will probably have to do a rain check.

But one of my groups has honored me by voting my Sun-Moons-Stars set as their fav and posting it on the main page! I'm not sure if you can see it as a non-member or not, but you might consider joining yourself!

Sheesh, working FT sure does cramp my beading style! I am feeling better so maybe I can get back to beading soon!