Monday, March 2, 2009

YIKES where have I been?

I can't believe I've not blogged in almost a month! Here's the dish: I got a new job and promptly became ill, so all I've done is work, sleep, work, sleep, etc. You've got the idea! And I haven't finished my daughter's set and her birthday is in 3 days! Will probably have to do a rain check.

But one of my groups has honored me by voting my Sun-Moons-Stars set as their fav and posting it on the main page! I'm not sure if you can see it as a non-member or not, but you might consider joining yourself!

Sheesh, working FT sure does cramp my beading style! I am feeling better so maybe I can get back to beading soon!


  1. Hi Karleen! Check out my blog for an award that I have bestowed on you :)

  2. Thanks so much! for some reason I couldn't log into your blog to comment, but I really appreciate it!