Thursday, February 5, 2009

Free Patterns!

I've really enjoyed posting on my blog so far, and I hope you've enjoyed it too. It occurred to me that some of you may not have visited my website as yet and took advantage of my free patterns.
Angel Jewelry
Beaded Cabochon
Beading Basics
Cowgirl Valentine
Gem Heart Bracelet

Let me know if these are helpful to you. Bead Blessed!


  1. Thank you for making these tutorials available - I love the beaded cabachon one and it looks as if it is something even I could make!!

  2. Great! Let me know if I can be of help. From time to time I post kits with all the beads needed as well.

  3. Dear Karleen,

    thank you for these beautiful pattern. My 8 year old daughter just recently had made a bead flower craft for school and we sure will enjoy following your given pattern.

    Best Wishes :)!